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Box sash windows in London

What are box windows?

Windows can become a finishing touch that ends up bringing out your home’s unique character. More modern windows come in a variety of flavours, but only one type of window can truly make your home feel truly traditional. Box sash windows, otherwise known as the double hung sliding dash, are one of the most trusted types of windows in the UK. They have been used here for centuries, and the reason is simple – they combine a balanced, elegant look with practicality. Thanks to the box which contains all the cords, weights, pulleys that are used to counterbalance the sashes, no technical details are exposed, leaving only the clean, refined lines of the window. Made from various types of materials, from wood to metal, to many others, box sash windows can fit into any home. As they open by sliding vertically, opening them takes up no additional space, which makes them a particularly excellent choice for homes with little space.

Accessories for Sash Windows

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Gallery of Sash Windows

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