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Timber / wooden sash windows in London

Hardwood sash windows

Tried and tested for centuries, box sash windows remain the most popular model of windows in the UK. It’s not hard to see why, with their reliable build that lets the air flow freely while also providing complete protection from the elements. At Inter House we offer only the highest quality box sash windows. Available anywhere in London, our products are a perfect mix of great materials and modern technologies, combines with years of experience that have gained us the trust of numerous clients. We boast a broad portfolio of window designs, ranging from simple to elaborate, so you are guaranteed to find something that will perfectly fit your house.


Despite common misconceptions, the sashes made from timber can last for many years, if properly treated and painted. There are examples of even 100 year old constructions, manufactured with the use of traditional solutions, which are virtually unchanged over the years of use. Our wooden casement windows are guaranteed to last you a long time.

Many options available include also sliding sash windows – see the infographic below to find more details.

Cross-section of a typical sash window

Windows made of wood (timber)

Option of painting and renovating

The frames need to be renovated at regular intervals. A coating applied professionally through the use of modern water-based materials can last as long as 10 years. For the purposes of renovation and protection of the frame, modern eco-friendly varnishes can be applied to the surface by anyone. The option to re-paint traditional box sash windows also allows for a change in colour whenever you choose, which cannot be done with PVC frames.

The colours we offer are varied and you can choose them from a colour card we provide for you.

Natural look of wood

They have a natural look – especially those with a visible timber texture. They are particularly suitable for houses built using traditional methods, with wooden finishings and details, outfitted with wooden furniture. Wood sash window frames and jambs also have better thermal insulation properties than plastic or aluminium ones.

Examples of the London areas we cover include:


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Please see gallery of box sash windows here.

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