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Check out our diverse selection of windows that are not only durable and stylish, but also affordable to boot! We offer many different models – box sash windows, casement windows, and others, so you can be certain that you will find what you need. See our Windows offer »

Sash Windows

Long-lasting and backed by years of refinement, box sash windows remain one of the most popular window designs in the UK. Having arrived in the UK from Holland in the 17th century, the simple design of these windows combined with their practicality made them a staple of UK homes. See our Sash Windows offer »

Casement Windows

Take a look at our robust assortment of casement windows. Available in both traditional, rectangular shapes, as well as round, oval, and other less standard variants, something in our offer is bound to match your flat. Regardless of the type you choose, all our windows are made of the highest quality wood. See our Wooden Casement Windows offer »


A good door not only looks good, but is also tough and resilient, ensuring that it will serve you well for a long time. You will find that all the doors available in our diverse catalogue fulfil those requirements, so you are bound to find the door that fits your home the best.

Timber doors

All our timber doors are made only of the finest wood. We use solid wood, such as pine, beech, etc. for out external doors, while multi-ply wood is used for internal doors. See our Timber Doors offer »

French doors

Constructed of glass and wood, our French doors bring out the character of any interior. You’d be hard pressed to find a more effective way of illuminating your room with more natural sunlight. They also come in a wide variety of colours, to more accurately match your tastes. See our French Doors offer »

Bi-fold doors

Take a look at our bi-fold doors if you’re looking for a practical way to easily open up your room to the outside. The wooden thresholds offer maximum thermal insulation. The styled handles and patented hinges help create a sleek, elegant look. See our Bi-fold Doors offer »


Our woodwork is made only out of high quality pine, red meranti or oak timber.Inter-Housea0019

We produce the following types of constructions:

  • classic
  • softline
  • retro

Facts confirming uniqueness and reliability of our products:

  • single-frame construction of windows of layer laminated pine, red meranti or oak wood
  • four-layer acryl paint; both translucent or body colour paint:
    • wood preservation
    • staining
    • interlayer
    • top-coat (final)
  • rebate gasket in different colours
  • thermodrip cap (aluminium with plastic separator preventing freezing)
  • aluminium casement slat (increases window aesthetics but above all protects the most exposed part of wood from precipitation)
  • silicone glazing finishing (increases window aesthetics and prevents from water flowing between casement and glass packet)

We can offer our products with:

  • safety glass
  • antiburglar glass
  • antiburglar fittings
  • Venetian, constructional or inner-glass sash bars
  • outside frames

The advantages of wooden windows:

  • made of ecological and environment-friendly fabric
  • excellent thermo-isolation and acoustic factors
  • natural material assures full comfort both psychical and aesthetical
  • high temperature-resistance
  • use of adequate glazing and fittings gives antiburglar, tinted and fire fighting protection