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Sash windows glazing

Our company offers a wide variety of glazing options, making sure that you receive a product that suits your specific needs. There are many choices of thickness, ranging from 12 mm to 24 mm, all available for all the options listed.

  • Toughened glass: more resistant and tough, a perfect choice when prioritizing protection
  • Laminated glass: glass reinforced and toughened through the use of laminate
  • Acoustic glass: has enhanced sound isolation, meaning that even fewer sounds come through this glass
  • Solar control glass: adjust the heat received from the sun to match the interior
  • Obscure glass: designed to ensure your privacy, this glass is obscured and comes in a variety of designs

Options for historic glass

Not all glass is crafter equal, and the advances in technology has caused modern casement windows to be constructed in a different manner than their predecessors, possessing wider sashes, for example. Due to this fact, historic glass requires different treatment. Below are the glazing system options we offer for historic sash windows, to make certain that your glass is treated the way it deserves to be.

  1. Single Glazing: can be toughened to be more safe, soundproof, or any of the other enhancement our regular glazing offer includes.
  2. Historic Double Glazing: to make double glazing possible, we use a warm edge spacer bar and Krypton gas – this allows for optimal thermal insulation. As is the case with Single Glazing, all enhancements also pertain to this option.
  3. Pilkington Spacia (Vacuum Glass): a vacuum is created between the panes of glass, making the space between them the narrowest. This is achieved through the use of micro spacers implanted within the unit, which influences the look of the glass, but only to a degree that is not very noticeable. Glass treated with this method meets thermal performance criteria.
  4. Histoglass: a method similar to Historic Double Glazing, but using an aluminium spacer instead, allowing for a wide array of colours. It’s a form of narrow glazing that can be accepted without submitting a sample, which makes this one of the quickest options. The glass can also be manufactured through different processes, mimicking the look of older glass perfectly.

Method of glazing

Glazing systems may be installed in one of two ways, regardless of whether they are single or double. Putty is the method used traditionally, providing a more authentic feel, while beading extends the lifespan of the glass and improves the overall performance. We offer both methods, though the standard option only uses beaded glazing. Beading has the added advantage of working on painted windows, ensuring that the paint will not be affected by the glazing, while putty requires more maintenance. If you ever have any doubts regarding the methods of glazing, let us know and we will do our best to inform you.


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