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General Technical Information

Here you can find the most important information on technical aspects of our wooden products, as well as on warranty for their elements. These are just examples of the full range of Inter House Windows production capabilities. To receive detailed specification and parameters contact our experts and get a quotation.

Paint: ecological acrylic lacquer, we are using SIKKENS and REMMENS paints.
Wood: mahogany (meranti), pine, glue- laminated timber.
Frame: three-ply, 68x78mm.
Glass: multiple (4-16-4) glazed panel; overall coefficient of heat transfer – u=1,1 W/m2k.
Ferrules: German ‘ROTO’.
Gaskets: ‘PRIMO PROFILE’, ACF 5491 H type from TPE (thermoplastic rubber)


  • 10 years – for window structure,
  • 5 years – for paint cover (on condition that the it will be treated in accordance with the paint manufacturer requirements),
  • 5 years – for window pane leak tightness,
  • 5 years – for ferrules.

We also realise nonstandard projects and solutions on the basis of individual orders, for instance: arched, triangular, trapezoid, round windows and others.