Inter House Windows Company, 240 North Circular Road, London NW10 0JU, 02084591660
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AFFORDABLE wooden windows and doorS



 +48 25 787 — kopia

Inter House Windows

Based in London, our company provides cheapest window-related services. We cater to the needs of both private clients and corporate investors, public and industrial alike. The products and services our medium-sized company offers have been met with nothing but satisfaction from our clients. Choose Inter-house for top quality windows.

Windows and Doors

We manufacture cheap wooden windows and doors using highest quality timber. Designed to meet your needs, we provide various types of windows, including box sash windows. The focus of our business activity is satisfying our customers' requirements and achieving recognition in the window and door frame market.

Choice is simple

With prices like ours, you can be certain that you are making a quality investment. Our products undergo constant quality control performed by a professional Certifying Institute, ensuring that all our wares meet the expectations of our customers, no matter how high they may be. With the quality our products, the choice could not be simpler.

How our company works

1. First contact - we will arrange the appointment at the time convenient to you.

2. Measurement & discussion about the details – you can choose the wood, lockers, glass & more.

3. Estimate arrives next day! If you happy we will ask for first payment.

4. Now we have everything next step is manufacturing!
First Payment - 40%.

5. After 4-5 weeks your dream windows are ready
- we will call you to arrange the fitting day.

6. Windows fitting by our experienced.
Second payment - 40%.

7. Once you're happy we will ask for final payment (20%)
& you will receive the 10 years guarantee

8. Certass Certificate should arrive no later then 6-8 weeks after payment.